13 mar. 2007

La libertad

Friedrich Schiller arrives to us “invited” by the Schillertage. Something we knew about him: mainly by the obvious associations with Beethoven, the birth of German Idealism and Goethe. The impact came later: when we come to understand that here, in Buenos Aires, today, his way to see the world was amazingly near to us.
It was then when we thought about giving form to that revelation, in let Schiller's influence - apparently distant- take shape today in us.
Thus Pablo Soler arises: an Argentinean born the exact day of Schiller's death, 147 years later. Pablo Soler is, then, the way to know Schiller’s influence in our city.
The freedom is the ultimate and main goal we find in the lives of both Pablo Soler and Friedrich Schiller; is the bound -a material and spiritual one- that ties them up.
The best way to present all this material, to give account of this impact, would be, we believe, by means of a conference: since in it all the obsessions of Schiller can come together, obsessions that were –later- those of Pablo Soler.

Pablo Soler met Friedrich Schiller and the result of this encounter redefined Soler's life.
During his lifetime he tried to understand and get to know Schiller.
We will present to the audience how this change took form, how this "desire" of Schiller can open a life, can transform a time.
These ideas came to us in the shape of an autobiography: we were "touched" by Schiller's thoughts, works and life during these last months, and the performance will also "speak" about this: we are not the same persons we were before Schiller.
So: radicalizing this concept: here is Pablo Soler who was not the same after meeting Schiller.

Who is Pablo Soler? Why his life was crushed into pieces after meeting Schiller's ideas? Who is this woman talking to us? Which is the border between fiction and reality? Why no one knows where Pablo Soler is? Which is the limit between the spiritual world and the material world? What happened after Soler saw that amazing production of Schiller's "The robbers" when he was 10 years old? Where is Argentina? Did Schiller hear about this country? Did Friedrich Schiller know that the destiny of a whole argentinean life change for ever after reading him?

Try to find some of the answers to these questions through this thrilling conference.
Join us and be free!

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